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I’ll pay for that man’s vasectomy…

Ok, hold my hand because you are obviously slow.

Riding a bike slowly = no helmet needed. Racing a bike down a mountain = helmet needed.
Using his full name every if your not a democrat = racism
Using your own full name to swear in and having someone call it racism = sarcasm.

Now, here is your helmet. Short bus is on the left. Have a nice day.

Yeah and then hes like, clean up ■■■■■! I hate people like that. I’d just had him wear that monitor up his ass.

Nope. Just everyone who disagrees with Oprah.

Now focus everyone. Maybe we can psychically make the web cams go away…

That’s worth way more than just a kick.

Pretty sure that this discourse is going nowhere. The study you are referring to has been criticized as a push-poll. Also, there are sampling problems associated with it as well. I’m pretty sure that McCain supporters knew about the same.


You are all stupid.The election is over.

Side comment: I hope to never, EVER, see Sarah Palin on TV again. Nor some fat midwesterner ranting about how “America is a christian nation.” No, its not. Thomas Jefferson followed deism. And, hello, what about separation of church and state?

One day, when you are getting your dumb life saved from some technology developed out of stem cell research, could you do me a favor? Decline it.

They’re dropping like flies.

C. All of the above

good point!

**I Wash My Hands From This WOOT! This Has Been Way Too Long! **

Dude, the ignorant people on either side don’t stain their respective party’s reputations near as much as the arrogant folks who insult the ignorant people do.

Liberals may be statistically less informed, but Conservatives are much more insulting. Neither ignorance nor abbrasiveness wins friends.

Sounds to me like everyone could pick on GWB and it be ok, but one stab Obama and suddenly everyone gets all defensive.

It’s a joke. Get over it.

Me either.

I took one for the team.

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I got a red one.

There is a special place, right between my A$$ and my B@&&$ you can kiss. Muah!

When we get to 2000+ posts then you know we’ve been here a while…

How many of these things do they have?