Clique HUE HD Webcam


I bought some other webcam a week ago from you and hasn’t shown up yet

thanks for volunteering.

WOW! Y’all are nasty! Just cuz it isn’t what you want to find…

I’m ticked cuz I just ordered some from another source. For the one I sent my brother and the one I sent my son - same difference as price was $5 higher but free shipping. The two I’m having shipped to my house would have saved me $5 here.

Anyway - now I’ll have to tell some more folks about WOOT! :slight_smile:

forget the stuff for sale…I get a bigger kick out of the comments and gif files. Attacking Tigger - I laughed till I cried.

Or late breakfast/brunch break. 10:30a is pretty early for lunch.

Gonna be awhile… grab a snickers

It’s true, we’ve all done it.

Sacrifice is a part of life.

Wait, sales tax? Since when? frown I don’t remember having to pay sales tax on Woots before.

Please offer us up some Barrack offers communism.

lets see riding an american 'MADE" bike to work vs driving an american v8 made in mexico or canada.

also since when does wearing a helmet while riding a bike make you a tool? i used to race mountian bikes and belive me helmets have saved my life more than once, i even keep my broken and smashed helmets on the wall to remind me. but he’s only trying to set a good example… but if you want your kids to ride their bike on the streets of chicago without a helmet go right ahead, its called natural selection.

ps: who doesnt use their full name to swear in as president?

pss: do u even know why he is named the way he is? barack is hebrew (yes like jews) hussein is muslim (one of the most common muslim names) and oboma is of course african. now i realize this mixture of names from different cultures which you hate equally might upset you… but it sure sounds like America to me!

Oh the humanity!!!

I recon I will see you in 5 hours.

Don’t let the door hit ya
where the good Lord split ya!

I don’t think they ship to Hawaii just like they do not ship to Alaska so most likely no.

Can we maybe get all six colors for $14.99? Then I can set up surveillance all around my house while I sit in the dark waiting for a bag of crap to come up.

Also got 2 last time… one for gramps to see his little new baby granddaughter. Works perfectly with Skype - no complaints.

This webcam is going to change my life. Who doesn’t have the urge to twist a webcam into a candycane?