Clique HUE HD Webcam

Me either.

I took one for the team.

1 Clique HUE HD Webcam has been received by Woot on 12/10/2008 and your credit card has been charged $19.99.

I got a red one.

There is a special place, right between my A$$ and my B@&&$ you can kiss. Muah!

When we get to 2000+ posts then you know we’ve been here a while…

How many of these things do they have?

I think referring to him as “Obama Bin Laden” does in deed qualify as racial undertones.

If these were $5 less, they would be a big hit.

Or just agree not to procreate… I would settle for that one…

Hope you never hit the “reply all” by accident!

talk about a “woot-killer”… maybe we should get the UN Commission on Electronics Rights Commission involved. …

Actually Clique was bought/taken over by Gordon Brothers - whose web site says they’re going to do some aggressive marketing. Looks as if they are - K-Mart has these on special this week (at least online) for $19.99 each.

And we’re concluding the Webcam sales in three, two, one . . . cue the next item!

Quit talking politics! Post more pictures of women adorned in food products!

Yay for the LOLBuilder! Just made this funnnnnnn

You mean like Teddy Kennedy did at a press conference?

Funny as hell!

Enough webcams… Need a Bouquet of Chickens…

Show me where I did this then. Bet you can’t.