Clique HUE HD Webcam

No thank you.

In for THREE!!!


man i did all 3 s’s and this carp is still here

Do not order what you want. Want what you order.

I know it, they won’t post half the things that i have tried posting!!


We want the old Bartender On Crack!!

They won’t need a detour today … this was it!!!

Where was this at 12 AM? I could have gotten a full nights sleep!

wow obviously woot has waay too many of these things and didnt get rid of enuf on two for tuesday

You are incorrect. A friend of mine was killed while riding leisurely around her neighborhood. She was hit by a car. If she had been wearing a helmet, she would have been injured, but suffered nothing serious, since her head would have been protected. Helmets save lives/brains, even at slow speeds.

or after


We’re being watched.

Well, you were polite, so I can appreciate that. haha…

ok yoda… jk

If I had to guess, I’d say he’s using unpoppable innertubes… which are great for convenience, but also tend to ride low and slow you down.

I want another one of these…

Hey, i just found out if you hold Alt and F4 it goes to the next item!!!