Clock with Thermometer

Ah! Another Thermometer! Please see my comment on the other thermometer listing. I am seriously interested, but these have to be able to register below a 30 degrees Farenheit temperature! Please inform. :slight_smile:

Looks like this one reads a temperature range of -40°F - +140°F.

Amazingly, I have this exact clock hanging across the living room from me right now. A little sticker on the back implies that it was made in August, 2007.

Yes, the thermometer does read down to -40 degrees, though thankfully I’ve never seen it register anywhere below 45 degrees (furnace issues one winter a few years ago). I have no idea how accurate/precise the thermometer and hygrometer actually are.

The clockworks look to be a fairly standard AA battery-powered quartz movement found in the back of many battery-powered quartz clocks these days, so, even though it says “suitable for indoor or outdoor use”, I doubt it’s something you’d want to hang where it can get wet. But on a protected porch or wall with an overhang, it should be OK.