Clockwork Angels: Watchmaker Edition Audiobook

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Clockwork Angels: Watchmaker Edition Audiobook
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Workin’ them angels, overtime!

I’m a audiobook lover, so the first question is: Is this unabridged?

Checking Audible:
Book 1 - $22.35
Book 2&3 - $19.59 each
Very good reviews on the audiobooks.

Checking, all three books are $20.98.

Audiobooks are great for those drives to/from work or on those road trips. It all benefits from a good narrator.

[MOD: Yes, it’s unabridged]

Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

i should get this…

Interview with Kevin J. Anderson and Rush Drummer Neil Peart

Yes it’s unabridged. It says so in rhe… oh never mind,

You’ll need a lobotomy to enjoy a Kevin J Anderson novel, that is , if you’re a fan good Sci Fi. Never got over how horrifyingly bad and thoughtlessly cranked out the Dune prequels and Sequels he ‘co-authored’ with Frank Herbert’s son were. Read a few of his other works, and always finished up wishing I had my hours invested back.

Performed by Neil Peart?

So this version is translated to Drum?

Did you know there is now an app for iPads and newer iPod Touches that read (synthesized, but OK) ePubs aloud? Opens up a whole new world!

In for one. My brother and I are rabid Rush fans, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have this yet for the collection, and his birthday is coming up soon. (Of course, all of that assumes that my niece and nephew don’t get to it first!)

In any event, I know where I live in that Venn diagram.

There’s a fair gulf between a book run through a speech-to-text program, and well-read audiobook. I have only a handful of audiobooks, and all of them are by authors I really love, and read by someone who is good at that. In most cases, they are books I’ve already read.

Reading for an audience is a skill and an art form that not everyone, including a lot of authors, has. When done well, it is an art form that adds something to the experience.

Oh, it’s an audiobook. I thought by the first image that it was a really ugly clock wooooot was trying to sell.
Honestly, I don’t buy audiobooks. This collection and many others are available at your local public library. My tax dollars at work as they say.

You’re right, it’s a HUGE difference.

Although text-to-speech may be appropriate for this…

Enjoyed reading the book, sans lobotomy.

I wonder where in that gulf a reading by a 62-year old prog-rock drummer would fall.

that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while… even if it was in VERY bad taste.

As far as the audiobook goes, its good. Steampunk isn’t my thing, and Neil Peart isn’t a seasoned performer, but since it was based on the album that I absolutely love, I had to give it a listen.

I love audiobooks and wasn’t disappointed with this one. Not my favorite, but since I could relate it to the album, it was even more enjoyable. Give it a shot if your a fan.

BTW, I listened through audible. If I didn’t already listen, I MIGHT get this. I paid $14 for the digital version of the audiobook.

Will it sound like Roy Dotrice (A Song Of Ice and Fire books), Wil Wheaton (Ready Player One and Red Shirts), John Lee (Operation Mincemeat and Agent Zigzag), or George Carlin?