Clockwork Crow

A collaboration between Alfred Hitchcock and Ridley Scott?

Would this be considered “screampunk”?

time flies when you’re having fun.

I now have enough motivation to move on with my life because of this awesome shirt. watches A clockwork Orange

Where does the time van Gogh?

I love clocks, and I love crows. But sadly I just have too many woot shirts to be able to pick this one up tonight. Otherwise I would have been very tempted. Congrats, it looks very nice. :smiley:

I love this design. It’s wild, dramatic, and nuts!


Noooooooo! Equinox should have been up here.

Not that I don’t like this design, I was just really hoping for Equinox

first thing I thought of when I saw that shirt was “Gun Run”, a game on miniclip. Goes off to play gun run

This shirt is cuckoo!

Good looking shirt :smiley:

Finally a crow that isn’t susceptible to west nile!

I fear time is running out for that crow.

Grats on the print.

It would hurt to get hit by those bird droppings.


My excitement has no words.

If you really want to stretch it, it could be, since it relies on clockwork and not electricity. But personally, I don’t think I would.

Of course, give the crow a top hat and/or a monocle, and we have ourselves a deal.

Oh nice, I liked this one as well, it’s very stylish. Awesome job littleclyde.

I can’t wait to see the ECs.

This was a damn close derby. Only 90 votes separated 2nd place from 10th!

At first I had birds attacking me, now they are machines? Man Skynet is really getting desperate.