Clockwork Seahorse

The little hat is wonderful.

Brassy. Nice detail.

It is an honor to have my design on the main page today! Thanks very much :slight_smile: Now if anyone can think of a steampunk appropriate name for this little guy, let me know.

This is literally my ultimate shirt. My favorite animal is the seahorse. I love the steampunk aesthetic, gears and goggles, and and am especially fond of derby hats. It’s as if my entire soul has been distilled to its aether-like essence and transformed in an ancient magical factory buried in a frozen mountain on the moon into today’s Woot shirt. This is me, as clothing.

I should just buy a dozen and never wear another shirt again. No other could represent me better. Thank you, universe. Thank you Paxdomino. This is effing amazing. :smiley:

Can someone explain something to me about shirt size availability?

Why don’t the sizes available for a shirt depend only on the color of the blank?

For example, AA Kids 4 is not available for this brown shirt:

But it is (along with all other AA sizes) available for “Clockwork Seahorse” (which also uses a brown blank).

And it’s not restricted to new vs old. This old brown shirt also as AA kids 4 available:

“Are you as confused as I am?”

As the resident shirtnerd, the best I guessed is that the priority was given to the outstanding orders, the dailies, the top 20, the side sales, and then the back catalog … which wasn’t the case, so I gave up thinking about it.

Ummm… How about Cogwheel or Coggin? Just a thought… :slight_smile:

I’d name him Baron Siefer von Hippocamp.

Yeah it’s strange. And the AA Kids 4 has been out of stock on that wotto shirt for a month (since AA came back actually, I think…).

Meanwhile, I’ve been holding off on ordering anything else because I want to combine shipping :frowning:


I’ll hold out on a daily if there’s nothing else I feel like buying for the day, like this shirt. Purchasing it with other shirts after midnight at +$13 is still less than $10 + $5 individually. Besides, $2 of the extra $3 goes to the artist.

Have you considered just getting it on K6?