Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

SQUEE! Home.woot’s first woot-off!

First? And for the first home.woot off! Woo hoo!

Dang. Beat me by a second.

great gift to give to my son…so he can throw it at me when i try to wake him up

=P - that’s what you get for being a firstie.

Does anyone know how long the batteries last?

This little squirt gets me out of bed every morning. He is part of the family.

i don’t recommend this for folks with long hair, which gets wrapped around clocky’s wheels (like a vacuum, if you have that problem!)

Why offer the same old stuff on this new site, guys? You’ve said it’s to bring us higher end stuff, but I’ve seen this item almost as much as the Roomba. o_O

Just trying to understand.

Merry WootOff Home.Woot.

Even though all you’re really doing is taking my time, destroying my social life, and breaking me financially…

I still welcome you with open arms.

Gotta love the Nickelodeon colors on this, but doesn’t bright orange spoil the game?

After all, shouldn’t part of the point of Clocky be the hunt? Wouldn’t it be better if it were cameoflage or rug colored?

Regarding battery life - I’ve had my Clocky since they sold them two Woot-Off’s ago, and it’s had the same set of batteries in it since then. The one annoying thing I will say about the batteries though is that when Clocky deems the battery life is low, the screen will continuously blink…mine’s been doing this for the past three weeks, so clearly the batteries aren’t that low.

Anyhow, for those on the fence about buying this little devil, two things:

  1. Clocky WILL wake you up; and,
  2. You WILL hate Clocky. You’ll learn to love him though…when he’s not waking you up.

i wish i knew. i’m still on the 1st set of batteries i installed (towards the end of october), and i set the alarm 5 days a week (though it doesn’t always get to roll away).

Ohhhhh w00t!

Why must you do a Woot Off AFTER the weekend.

Let’s have one Friday…a.k.a. PAYDAY!


Does clocky actually run away and hide? I thought it just mindlessly jumped off of the nightstand/dresser/stack of books on the floor and rolled.

If Clocky can think…that changes everything.

My clocky stopped being able to roll only a month or so after purchase… now it’s just an expensive conversation piece.

Mine last about six months.

They probably couldn’t wait… it’s cutting it close with SmartPost for delivery before year’s end (much less Christmas!)

absolutely worth it… i bought one and it’s amazing