Clos La Chance - Trio

Clos La Chance - Trio
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 2005 Chrimson Topaz Meritage – Note: this is a different designation than the “Scintillant” version in CellarTracker.
1 2006 Buff-Bellied Zinfandel
1 2006 Estate Grenache

Hey! I finally (kinda) got one!

Links to CT above. Grenache ane and Zin are new vintages to CellarTracker. I have the 2005 Mertiage “Scintillant” in my cellar; I’ll be interested to hear what the difference is between the one I have and the one offered here.

The winery web site is there.

And Loweeel beats mill!


WTG loweeeeeeeeeeeel

Clos La Chance - Trio
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I thought I recognized the name of the winery. My cousin got married here in June. Absolutely beautiful grounds.

How good is this deal?

Click the link above for price comparisons, CT prices, etc.

Happy Monday everyone! (bet you thought I was gonna say Holidays, didn’t you?)

Another first sucker! And I started the pub at 1:01.

It’s been a good weekend :).


Wow…guess you’re not as drunk as cheron if you nabbed first sucker.

Looks like the 05 grenache sells for $30 at the winery site and the other two are $18 each. So all 3 would be $66 plus big bucks shipping. So this is a good deal, $$$ wise.

As usual.

As I recall, GV did a show on Clos La wines.

Clos La Chance Thunder Show episode

Looks like these are the wines reviewed:

2007 Viognier
2005 Estate Grenache(the 2006 is on offer here)
2004 Special Select Series Meritage( I do believe the one here is a differently named Meritage. Did the name change? Is that even possible?)

As I remember it, these wines above didn’t show terribly well for him on the show. But as he has the reviewer’s bias, that doesn’t mean anything in particular.


Interestingly, this said mill first, but now it is yours, L!

lol! I totally forgot I had a mug of hot chocolate I was gonna drink while waiting for woot-night. Now I’m wondering whether or not to eschew the cocoa for some more EHP…

Has anyone tasted these wines? Other than the aforementioned reviewer who wasn’t impressed?

Oh, and how is the zin available when the winery claims it won’t be released until 2009Jan? Are we special because we woot? :slight_smile:

Special Series is their higher end Meritage.
And what’s reviewer’s bias? I can understand it when it’s higher than expected but how is it bias when it’s lower?

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When I say reviewer’s bias, what I mean is the difference between an expert’s palate and a beginner/intermediate palate. I say that his palate is one that has tasted so much wine more than most people, that he has certain preferences or, more than likely, some peculiarities in his palate that most people don’t. The most standard case of reviewer’s bias is a movie critic who can’t enjoy a mindless action movie. I think some wine critics can’t enjoy a (relatively, for them) boring wine that others may enjoy much more in part because of a lack of experience or different preferences. And while I watch WLTV every day, I think it is a reasonable caveat to offer when linking up an episode of it because I do believe that those reviews need to be taken with a serious grain of salt to be useful to most of us.

Rephrased: Reviewer’s Bias is the change in opinion from those who have tasted so much higher end wine that it may not be possible for them to enjoy the lower-end selections that many people(sometimes including connosieurs) enjoy. They discern “flaws” that most people don’t care about. It is possible for the effects of this bias to be positive or negative, depending on the wine being reviewed, and the palate doing the reviewing.

I have the 2005 Meritage but it is the scintillant, not the crimson topaz. I have no idea what the difference is, and I dont remember there being two different ones when I was there. All the wines were excellent. If I had the cash I would buy them in a heart beat.

Your spread sheet is messed up. The zin is listed as free with shipping.

Hmmm… not convinced via spreadsheet (not a killin’ deal) or initial reviews/reactions this time… I guess this just gives me an excuse to hit the local shop for a few more bottles of spanish wine… I’m really digging on the rioja right now…

ah thank you for the clarification.