Clos LaChance

Clos LaChance 2008 Estate Grenache 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $90.00) 33% off List Price
2008 Estate Grenache

Clos LaChance 2008 Estate Syrah 4-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $120.00) 38% off List Price
2008 Estate Syrah

Clos LaChance 2010 Reserve Muscat Blanc 5-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $80.00) 25% off List Price
2010 Reserve Muscat Blanc

Clos LaChance 2007 Late Harvest Semillon – Nectar Half-Bottle 6-Pack
$49.99 (Normally $60.00) 17% off List Price
2007 Late Harvest Semillon - Nectar
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Muscat on CT

Updated. Thanks.

Interested to know what the Residual Sugar is on both the Muscat Blanc and the LH Semillon. If I wasn’t on a very recent NC&CWBM (New Car & Cooler) I would be very interested in both.

2007 Nectar = 13.5g/L
2010 Muscat = 0.22g/L

Micromanager! :tongue:

I knew not to even try and create the page myself or he would get mad when I did it wrong hah.

Does the Nectar seem like a stupid deal to anyone else? $9/btl for real, Botrytis-ized grapes?

I don’t need 6 bottles, but seems hard to pass up…

I know - I’m struggling with the same thing. I have some 2007 Sauternes that cost 3 times as much. I’m thinking I can’t pass this up. And it would be an interesting comparison.

I agree, but it also makes me wonder why it is only $10 retail. Experiment being sold at cost?

Not sure. $9 seems like an insane deal ($10 retail). So… why the insane deal?

To be honest, we made WAY to much the first two vintages. We thought we would be able to sell it to distributors…and unfortunately, the market doesn’t really get this style of wine from California outside of high end wine dinners. It sells realy well out of the Tasting Room, but there is only so much we can move annually based on the number of vistors we get. I had a bottle this weekend with some cannolis and it was tasty.

Hmm… Did you take notes? (Understanding that they might be a little biased, of course. :wink:)

As Kyle requested, any recent notes would be awesome. Given this style, I’m guessing that if properly cellar-ed this stuff will late for a long time? Also, what is the consistency of it, is it syrupy at all?

But the Nectar is only 375ml, half of reguar bottle size. Is it still a good deal?

Dessert wine is generally sold in 375ml bottles, as you usually drink smaller servings. If this stuff is any good, it is probably a good deal.

I may be able to split with you…consulting with molarchae…

I think one reason it’s likely cheaper is that the botrytis seems to be seeded rather than purely natural (i.e. hoping it happens).

Edit: Kyle, if you want to split then molarchae and I would be happy to collectively take 3 or 4.

13.5g/L = 1.35% RS

Did you mean 13.5%, by chance? 1.35% would certainly take it out of dessert category and into off-dry to off-sweet, by most standards.

I’ve decided I’m in on the Nectar. I’m just going to wait and see if something on wine.woot (or any other site) pops up so I can get the $5 all-day shipping. I’m hoping, since the winery said they way over-produced, that this should stick around for the long haul.