Closet Improvement: Store Better

Do the straps unsnap at the top of the shelving unit so you can fit it around an existing clothes rod?

do the rubbermaid shelves/organizer rest on the floor?

Do the clips fasten to the top and the bottom? Or just the top and the bottom is loose?

You’re gonna have to help me out and tell me what item you’re asking about.

The “Retrofit” ones? Depends on the height from the closet pole to the floor but I would assume they wouldn’t.

I apologize for being vague but the back of the door organizer pictured in the category "over the door organizer 6 compartments, does it hang from the top of the door and its loose on the bottom or does it fasten on the top on the door and the bottom of the door?

The picture looks like it fastens at both the top and bottom.

I can ask but it’s about to sell out. I did find a comment on another site from someone saying they couldn’t secure it on the bottom because the lived in a old house with tall doors.

Based on that, I’m thinking there are bottom hooks or a way to secure it.

Thank you, I ordered one. TT coming if for the win.

Here is a link with pics and a revew:

If you click on the review, you will see the installed dealio in an actual closet. Hope this helps!

Are the shoe racks stackable?