Closet Solutions

3 out of 5 stars on amazon priced $13.44 with prime shipping at

The $8 10 pack of Magic Hangers is only $8.25 on amazon and qualifies for prime shipping.

The $15 Shoes Away Hanging Shoe Organizer is $13.56 at Amazon and qualifies for Prime.

…Come on guys, you can do better than that.

Not everybody has a prime account in which case you would have to spend $25 to get free shipping. So it is really not comparable.

The details for the 10" closet solution list the product as being 17" wide.

Whoops. Can you say “Copy/Paste error”? I’ll let them know. Thanks for pointing that out.

Well, they did, kinda…
They’re not charging $79 a year to join Prime.

They also aren’t giving you 2 days shipping and a video library…

Even before I had prime, I never ordered less than $25 on Amazon - so everything always qualified for Super Saver Shipping. These items do. Though, I guess once you unlock shipping on woot, the hangers would technically be cheaper.

So I am looking at the 10 inch, Collapsible Storage Drawers (, and the specs say it is 12 inches wide. Does not compute…

The magic hangers got pretty poor reviews on Amazon. 2 stars.

Guess I’m not buying any… :-/

The shoe organizer isn’t very useful unless you have small feet. I wear a Men’s 11, and the only pairs of shoes that would fit in it as pictured were some of slim dress shoes. Sneakers were a bit too big, and anything with a thick sole like Fluevogs or Doc Martens (do people still wear those?) were right out.

Trademark Home 10" Lighted Hanging Closet Organizer Sage is $16.99 at Sears with free store pickup.

If you need room for larger shoes, get the 10" organizer. I have one (no lights) and my Docs (yes, those of us with bad feet still wear those) fit easily.

I am not sure how much space they save BUT if you have any fashioned challenged people in your home (such as Dh or your kids) they do a great job of organizing outfits so no one wonders what goes with what. All matching items can go on the same magic hanger, just put it on & instantly match. I am not saying anyone in MY house needs this kind of help, but I also am not going to say that they don’t. LOL

I also have this situation with the 10" organizer, and I only wear size 8–I’m a little guy. If you try to fit a full pair in one box you have to really squeeze them together–which isn’t good for the shoe.

If you decide to get this, go ahead and get two so you can put in shoes one-by-one by each other. Otherwise, they are good for hats and… hats.

Really it just isn’t as good of a product as the idea is.

Go with the larger one. I’m sure it will be much more useful.

I have a couple sets of the Magic Hangers that I bought…um, well, not entirely sure, but over 10 years ago. I had them through college and they were really handy in those tight closets. I was just looking at them in the closet the other day and thinking I need to go find out if they still existed.

For me, they’ve always worked as advertised. I see a ton of bad reviews on Amazon, but I’ve never had any problem. I do only have lightweight shirts (polos, dress shirts) on them, so maybe if you’re hanging jeans and heavy stuff on them they’ll break. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had an issue.

To clarify, the “drawers” come with 2 drawers, per order, right? Because the picture shows 2, and it’s plural. But then the “specs” say (1) drawers…