Closet Storage: Hangers & Hangers-On

Anyone purchased this brand of portable closet before? I bought another brand and it was horrible. The fabric was so thin it tore easier than paper and the zippers broke in two spots. Complete waste of money.

I can’t fathom that anyone would pay $30 for bed risers. I got mine at Joann Fabric for $3.99 for4. Just FYI they make great planters if you can get them cheap.

Identical wooden hangers (Bumerang) are significantly cheaper at Ikea. $3.99 per 8 natural or $4.99 per 8 black, white, or gray/brown. +$15 shipping for 10 sets (80 hangers), or just pick up in store if you have one close.

I couldn’t find any reviews but both Walmart and Amazon have it for $39 plus free shipping.

We use risers to raise the height of folding tables to counter height when entertaining. This way, when you are serving a buffet, people aren’t stooped over making their food selections.

Thank you!

Trademark Home Portable Closet with 4 Shelves - Navy Blue

Major assembly problem. On the left side, the front and back supports go from the top to the bottom. Each is made of two hollow poles. There is no part provided to keep these poles aligned; a butt splice connector is necessary.

This is a major useability problem, because these two legs support the hanging clothes.

Not only is no part supplied, but the instructions refer to no part and the pictures just show the individual poles together.

The fabric seems sturdy enough for this use, there are no sharp points to snag it and the zippers work.