Clothe Your Kiddies!



Extra clothes are probably never a bad idea when it comes to kids. I remember these from Back to School, so it’s apparently time to stock up!


Do you ever make the Woot! t-shirts for adults? I would love a pink one!


Not in quite a while. Keep an eye on shirt.woot, especially the Plus sales. You never know.


It looks like woot is charging $5 shipping for the kids’ ! shirts. The last time that these were offered, they included free SmartPost shipping like on shirt.woot; the time before that… oh, I can’t find all the links, but in May, they had free shipping but were $5 each instead of $4.


If it’s sold on any site but Shirt, there’s a $5 shipping charge. That’s the way our system is set up.


According to my account history, I bought three of these kids ! shirts off sellout.woot in August and didn’t pay shipping. I bought a shirt off kids.woot (Woot Plus, Cupcakeosaur) in July and didn’t pay shipping.


Coupon? Also, remember the price is cheaper when we offer kids shirts on their own on a different site to allow for the shipping cost.


ThunderThighs, I’m not new to the ways of woot and I’m not a poster who makes claims without double-checking with concrete evidence before I post (i.e., I find the link to verify my memory and then I include that link in my post). If you look at the first link that I posted when these were offered on sellout in mid-August, there’s a very large box at the bottom of the page that says, “Shipping Information! These ship FOR FREE pretty much as soon as you order them.”

On the second link I posted, when these were offered on kids.woot during the May woot-off, the only sign on the front page of the sale that shipping was free is the little “SmartPost” icon. In the discussion, there are mentions of the free shipping, but I fully admit that the evidence of free shipping is not as obvious as it is for the sale last month on sellout.

On the shirt sale on kids.woot, however, the main Woot Plus page states - twice - that shipping was free.

I’m not planning to buy any this time around, but I’d intended to repost the link on shirt.woot for folks who might not check the Woot Plus sales on other sites. Before I did so, I wanted to clarify that woot had indeed (functionally) made the shirts more expensive than they’d been before; I’d originally figured that it was a mistake, because raising the price is an odd tactic when woot is trying to dump the remaining kids’ AA blanks [first sale: $5 each; most recent sale: $4 each; this sale: $9 for one, $6.50/each for two, $5.66/each for three - and yes, they’d be $5/each if one had unlocked free shipping, but buying a shirt doesn’t unlock free shipping].

However, at this point, I’m simply defensive and wanted to make sure that you knew I double-check my claims before I post them - which is why I provided the links in my original post, so others could verify for themselves.


Doh, didn’t think about the Plus sales and yeah, I missed your link. I’ll send the info to the Kids group and let them know about the difference.

Thanks for bearing with me. :shy: