Clothes 4 Less $$$

Bought 2 of the HEAD Men’s Net Performance polo shirts from Woot a little while ago and they are ‘wow’ comfortable and run true to size.

I got the pink/grey Fila hoodie last time offered on Woot! and it is super warm and comfy. Love the thumbholes in the sleeves too!

Almost went for the HEAD Polo if just the little logo.

But NOOOOOO the had to put HEAD on the sleeve… deal breaker

I do NOT PAY to do others BLATANT advertising!!!

Tons of logo T’s But when someone says nice T, my reaction most often is you kidding I don’t drink/ride/whatever that crap it was FREE. (Though I do more often were some I believe in)

For free I will be a billboard but damn if I will pay to be. (Even from the believed in, unless like in the case of a Mount Gay T that came with a free drink during KW Powerboat Race Week or the discounted drink got you the T)

Even then there is a condition I even free (not just don’t care for) detest what ever it is… those shirts are saved for yard work/trashing tasks.
(Like Coors and Bud LIGHT really trashy just logo white, besides the beer is trash)

Oakley Women’s Cliff Stripe Short Sleeve Polo.
Ordered the Large Blue Polo for my girlfriend.
The shirt is baby blue with a red stripe and no Oakley emblem (as shown in the pic). Large?? This shirt is NOT a large shirt. Her breasts are way too big for this shirt. This shirt is more in line with a baby gap pre-teen shirt and should be marketed as such.