CloudLounger Inflatable Air Lounger

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CloudLounger Inflatable Air Lounger
Price: $29.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Aug 25 to Friday, Aug 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Can anyone comment on how puncture resistant these loungers are?

Looks like a cool lightweight accessory for camping, but I’m doubting the durability.

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Those are some awesome pictures of nylon bags. Keep up the top notch at sales effort. All the best Monte.

I’ve been waiting a very awkward 3 months for those deflation instructions. Thanks a million!

So, I had a chance to handle one of these today in the office and I was surprised how sturdy it felt. The fabric on the outside it like what you would make a tent out of, and then there’s an inner layer that’s a good bit heartier. Our writers took it to the beach and jumped on it and it’s still totally fine, so that’s something to consider.

I saw these in person at the state fair only a few weeks ago, and I had actually been mulling over buying one at the time. I was surprised at how easily they fill–you literally open the bag up, and a light breeze can basically do it–and they felt sturdy.

not easy to fill, and does not seem to hold air as well as it should. also, if you are a slight statured person, you may fall through

Ditto this.

I am not watching a video to figure out what the h this is.

Seen ads for similar poofs elsewhere, definitely one of the dumber ideas in awhile. Glad the price is coming down to something reasonable.

I have idea what this product is; a pillow? a garment? a sleeping bag or ground-pad?

I’ve always wanted a nylon bag like this. The contents are immaterial.

I have one of these and it is NOT easy to inflate. It is essentially a windsock with a baggie for a liner.

Right. No full picture of the inflated product. Woot–FAIL!

The first pictures ARE of the inflated product (which are just nylon bags). You can see the split of the two pockets on the “top” of the pillow.

I’m sad I bought these for $50 a while back. The retail at the time was over $100. Now apparently the retail is less. Maybe its the $10 speaker that came with it. :frowning:

Is this one of those cloud things that I hear kids talking about? How do you store your data, inside?

Does it float as well?

It is the most secure Cloud available

-Steve Jobs

ps i’m sorry