CloudLounger Inflatable Air Lounger

Theoretically it should…if air cannot get out, water should not be able to get in.

Or you could buy some extra heavy duty Hefty bags. When done lounging, use to carry your empties. :slight_smile:

I saw a guy on one of these at the lake last weekend. He floated well - just had trouble steering.

Eventually it had to come to this. Selling empty bags you fill with air. BOC anyone?

Me too! The darn thing takes up the entire back seat.

I think this would be cool to bring to the beach. My concern though is that it will probably blow away when you are not sitting on it. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I did not think it was worth the price at $50 and $30 is still kind of stretching it for a nylon bag with velcro but it is getting closer to the realm of being feasible.

Ahhh, this abomination is akin to an inflatable “Snuggie”! someone should put a stop to this nonsense!

Still look like a giant va-jay-jay…

Saw this being used at a volleyball tournament. Sometimes there isn’t enough seating or a place for players to really lounge for all day tourneys.

Glad I waited for the price to go down.

Would anyone take this camping to sleep on?

It’s only air…

My suggestion is to:

  1. open
  2. remove the air
  3. fill with water
  4. close
  5. leave on the beach

then it won’t blow away!

youll be on your ass by the am. mine doesnt hold air for more than a few hours.

Does it come with a pump?

I am now enlightened. Thank you.

In other words, these are giant dry bags made out of (likely) sil-nylon (or a similar material). They are basically a giant bag full of air.

As far as I am concerned the Cloud Lounger is a piece of junk and I would t even wish to get it in a bag of crap. This worthless and NO you can’t float on it in a pool and so far I can’t keep the air in it to lounge on in the living room.

These things are crap. Does not hold air for more than 10 minutes. I have tried more air, less air, rolling and rolling tight as can be etc. Looses air in less than 10 minutes. Looks like the company has vanished, no website or anything for them.