CloudLounger™ Inflatable Lounger, 6 Colors

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CloudLounger? Inflatable Lounger, 6 Colors
Price: $49.99
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Sold on Amazon for $37.99 w/free shipping.

[MOD: Different brand, no pockets, no speaker]

The prices on Amazon either ship in a month, or you have to pay $40 to ship expedited. Good deal if I can have it shipped now…and get a free bluetooth speaker.

How are these not sold out yet?

What’s the weight limit on these? I’m afraid I would pop them like a giant whoopie cushion.

How long will this stay inflated with someone lounging on it?

These shouldn’t leak unless you’re putting too much weight on them.

I couldn’t find any weight or even another online reference to this manufacturer/brand, but here’s an Indiegogo version that looks really nice with a 550 lb. weight rating:

Wow-wee Martha, I see’s me a giant, funny colored, human hot dog! I wonder where they keep the ketchup and mustard bottles?

I’ve been looking at that Indigogo campaign, but pulled the trigger here. I’m hoping I don’t regret it!

There are Built-in side pockets to hold your phone, tablet, drinks, or condiments

Does it bother anyone else that there are no actual pictures of a real human demonstrating the use of this? Its as if they couldn’t even pay someone to lay on this for one picture?

And on the neon green version, what is a “Waterproos” speaker? I am not familiar with that brand!

In the video the guy lays on it

I totally thought it was one of those water wiggle things.

Seriously though, why does this silly thing appeal to me so much? If I lay in it, I’ll probably have to roll myself out, if I can even get that far.

According to this post, 400 lbs

Hello Woot we hope everyone will enjoy our new product the CloudLounger! I wanted to answer a few questions.

  • the recommended weight limit is 440 lbs. I am 6’4" 230 lbs and fit perfect (see the video)
  • once inflated the CloudLounger will stay inflated for 3-6 hours depending on the weight

Photoshop needs a spellchecker

Is it really as easy to inflate as they show on the infomercials? This would be a great substitute for a hammock…but I’m worried about ease of inflation

It really is that easy to inflate. The firmness is based on how tight you roll it after filling with air. We’ve been using our CloudLounger at the kids baseball games, and been the envy of everyone! They are easy to carry and much more comfortable.