Club All-Purpose Glasses - Set of 4

How much do these hold?

The height is listed as 5 inches. A quick estimation of the volume based on the height and the pictures yields about 6.8 ounces. [Assume the height of the bowl is half the total height or 2.5 inches and the diameter is also 2.5 inches. Volume = (pi x dia squared x h)/4 = 12.6 cu in x (0.554113 oz/cu in) = 6.8 oz).]

This is not colored glass. The color is applied.

Amazon listing for these glasses in two color options lists both as 8.5 ounce capacity. However, it also includes “2-1/4 diameter x 3-1/8” H, with an 8.5 ounce capacity" in the product description. The given dimensions provide a calculated volume of 6.88 ounces. Amazon listing for set with fuschia, aqua, lemon, and vermillion color assortment states hand wash recommended. Two of 13 reviewers complained the color came off the stems. (One of these reviewers admitted to putting them in the dishwasher.)

The one store to rule them all offers this set for $44.95 with prime benefits (cheaper from other sellers). Average of 3.0 stars from 4 reviews.

The set with fuschia, aqua, lemon, and vermillion colors is $34.54 prime ($28.99 + $5.49 S&H from another seller with no sales tax but no prime benefits). Average of 3.2 stars from 9 reviews.