CMI Braided Baskets

I got to feel up one of the Polypropylene braided baskets. They’re really nice. I expected the braid to be kinda prickly but it’s not. It’s a really nice basket with thick braids. For the braided baskets, the dye is added during the manufacturing process which is why they’re fade resistant. That is, the dye doesn’t scratch off.

I liked them a lot.

A friend has one that she uses for dog toys. I agree, they are soft and attractive. Also have held up well.

I was excited when i saw the ‘rectangular’ baskets were listed. In three color choices and two sizes. I was quite bummed when i found out they were ‘square’. I can not use ‘square’.

And previous post are correct, these are soft to the touch and sturdy, had seen them else where.

Just wish they were not ‘square’. :disappointed:

These baskets are great. Soft feel, as noted by other commenters, but very, very sturdy. I’ve been using one as a laundry basket for 10 years and it looks as good as the day I got it.

Irishintx: The vendor calls it rectangular. Even though the bottom is square, because of the soft nature of the sides, they tend to settle into a rectangular shape. Here’s a picture of a real one:

We have one in a daughters room full of stuffed animals she’s collected but doesn’t play with. Approx 2 years old and looks about the same as new.

Debating getting another.