Coach Handbags

These prices are actually incredibly high…

I saw a lot of these for sale for a lot less when I was over in China.

Although, come to think about it, I think they spelled “Coach” with a “K” for some reason…

Coach handbags are my downfall, but these are very expensive. They have sales all the time, both by email invite and on ebay.

I can consistently get Coach product for 20-45% of retail at the Coach outlet, granted the selection depends upon the day, but this sale isn’t great at all. It’s not even good.

Really? Up to 21%? Any sale at Macy’s beats these!

I get 25% and 30% coupons from Coach quarterly…why would I buy any of these?

If you wait for a holiday sale (any major holidays in the US) in the Premium Outlets Coach Factor stores, you’ll get 50-65% off at these (may not be the same style). I know because my wife has a huge collection.

I got one of the overnight bags from the outlet store for $65 in July of this year. Shop smarter ladies.

I’m just wondering if the woman character is so noticeably arched backwards because of the “round thing” she’s carrying, the weight of her electrified hair, or quite possibily the massive amount of stuff that must be crammed into the smallish handbag (obviously in a manner that is foreign to any mortal man).

so you guys and girls know, the inner material for the outlet stores are different colors than the colors for the bags sold in the regular stores.

We do the same. Almost everyone has a Coach Outlet in their closest outlet center.

You can browse current Coach sales through the “coachfactory” website. Just Google search it and click lots of links to sign up.

Or, I fell in love with a bag I spotted in Bloomingdales one afternoon. It was brand new, had just arrived in stores the week prior. After going to the Coach store a few times and fondling it in all the colors, I ended up getting the exact bag I wanted for 40% off by finding a poor woman who had terrible buyer’s remorse… and a b*tching husband. Bwahaha!

I actually have never bought a Coach Bag, though there is an outlet for Coach about 30 miles from home.
I would be in serious trouble though if you folks rolled in Dooney & Bourke.
I am 1000% addicted to the D&B line.
Congrats to all that managed to pick up a Coach bag they wanted or needed!!!
There is nothing like the feeling of finding something you want for a price that is less than you thought you would have to spend!!!
Have a great day everyone!!

Yes, this is true…for the most part. The Factory stores get different styles than Retail stores do. That being said, when the bags are left over at the retail stores after they change collections out, they are sent to the factory stores. I’ve purchased many retail bags at the factory store clearance section.

don’t they send the ones that don’t sell at the retail store back to teh factory? So that workers would meticulously disassemble it, throw out the old interior and re-stitch it with a different colored one so that they could ship it to the factory store at a lower price?