Coast G50 Twist Focusing 166 Lumen LED Flashlight

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Coast G50 Twist Focusing 166 Lumen LED Flashlight
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I’m in the market for a good flashlight. Does anyone know anything about this one, besides what’s on Amazon.

Reviews over at The Home Depot®-flashlight-Ultrafire-Rechargeable-Activities/dp/B00GMIOHYE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468653588&sr=8-1&keywords=ultrafire

either of these i would recommend over that.

crappy, I have one everywhere flashlights do NOT cost much money, Personally, get 5~ or so of the 2$ flashlight, they can use AA batteries, and the flashlight is at least as if not better then this. let me put it this way, we have a spotlight flashlight that never gets used anymore because these small 2-7$ ones are just that much better.

however, if you want to go for a damn good flashlight. i cant link it but look in the 70$ range, the flashlight im thinking of can light up an entire neighborhood for 40 minutes, and at the lowest setting run for almost a week straight.

you need a flashlight for every room, and then a big one in case.

forgive my ignorance; what is the power supply?

Looks like 3 AAAs

Link me, i want a flashlight that can light up a neighborhood

You can’t beat the price of the first one, for $3 I will check it out.