Coast High Performance 885 Lumen Flashlight

Why does it say 885 lumens and then in the description it says MAX Output is 664 lumens?

Sorry about that! It’s 885, and the Description has been updated now. Thanks!

What type of batteries does this model use?

3 x D batteries
It’s added to the sale now.

And yet the picture still shows 615 lumens. Multiple discrepancies don’t build confidence.

dang… I thought this was a smaller pocket sized flashlight… oh well

Just ordered this. Product came in quickly and well packaged (as always, way to go WOOT!). It is advertised as 885 lumens on here but it is actually only 615 lumens as the picture shows. It is printed on the box, 615 lumens max at high output. Not pleased. Will try to send this back.

Ugh, sorry. Let us know how things go with CS.