Coast Tactical 235 Lumen LED Flashlight

Coast Tactical 235 Lumen LED Flashlight
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In the product description and specs, there is no mention of what type of batteries this unit consumes…

It’s worse than that. The picture is not the Coast TX40.

Can’t seem to edit the post… description does match the TX40, just the picture is wrong. TX40 uses 3xAAA according to Amazon desc.

Buyer confirms:
It’s 3xAAA batteries, not included.

Once we get the specs and photos clarified, can someone measure the battery holder and/or the inside of the flashlight itself?

These things probably haven’t moved because 3xAAA’s is goofy bordering on worthless–but if an 18650 cell would fit, that could redeem these lights.

(That would also depend on the operating voltage of the LED though, right?)

What exactly makes one flashlight “tactical” and another flashlight not “tactical”? Inquiring minds want to know.

The first paragraph of the Features lists the basic reasons this is called a “tactical” flashlight.

The pic is of a LED Lenser. So can buy if you don’t even know what you’re really have for sale?

You can “Mount” it on a gun (rifle or shotgun) that is designed to accept RAIL mounted devices. This one needs some optional items to make it functional. Marketing tosses around the word “tatical” a lot to make the buyer feel like they are cool. It comes down to the same thing as lasers on guns. If you can’t hit your target without all the addon’s, stay home and watch the outdoor channel or reruns of the rifleman.

As far as flashlights go, high lumens are nice but if your batteries only last a couple of hours, this thing has no place in the glove box.

Ebay. You can get a light that is 15 times brighter for 1/4 of the price. 3500 Cree lights for $4 all day long.

Fixed. Thanks!

Is there any mention of the size?

It is 5.94 inches.