Cobb Portable Stainless Steel Grill & Smoker

NOW we’re talking!!!

Woot I’m very bitter. I just paid 69.99 for this no more than 2 weeks ago

$99 on Amazon. Nice woot.

I should buy this grill/smoker. Not because I need a portable grill/smoker, but because of the Glengarry Glenn Ross reference in the description title. That’s why I heart Woot.

Same here!

I’m emailing them for some free shipping coupons this is boo-loney

yeah that’s a steaming pile- 10 dollar price drop in 8 days

The main reason I’m mad is because I got a Red one. The black was sold out and silver was selling one from a return. I wouldn’t mind if I bought a black one.

Me, three!

The perfect rooftop grill! Get one, they are great!

There are some great detailed reviews on Amazon, where it’s priced at about $100.

So from what I gather via reviews:

  • Uses more fuel than advertised, but still not much.
  • There’s a learning curve, but most people come away happy.
  • There’s a roasting rack that nearly everyone says you need, but it’s expensive and sold separately.
  • It’s apparently difficult to clean, though using cooking spray and adding lemon slices to the moat helps.
  • I believe I read on a previous woot that the silver one is the best, as it’s actually stainless steel, not some other metal with a coat of heavy-duty paint.

This price drop in less than a week is ridiculous! I just received my new grill a couple of days ago and now it’s already $10 cheaper. I wrote to Woot and complained! If this were a regular store, I could take the grill (or the receipt) back and get refunded the difference…especially with a price drop that occurs within 30 days of your purchase.

Well, I don’t want a red one, the only color left. Still seems pricey for a grill.

oh good it’s 7 on the east coast and people are waking up. lets get the last few sold

Patience comes to those who wait! I’m so happy this is cheaper than a couple of weeks ago!