Cobia XL Pool Cleaner

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Cobia XL Pool Cleaner
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Time to check out the product page and lets learn all about Aquatron

I’ve owned an inground swimming pool since we had our pool built in 1990. During that time, I purchased 2 robot pool vacuums and I can tell you that this Cobia XL cleaner is by far the most expensive I’ve ever seen.

Maybe this cleaner is worth the price, but I have some reservations and a whole lot of questions which are not answered here. For example, is this system compatible with a sand filter? How about trees standing near the pool? We all know that trees drop leaves but, of course this happens only at the end of the season (such as right now). The same trees drop all sorts of debris during the spring and summer as well. Debris such as flowers, seeds, miniature fruit such as wild cherry and all other sorts. How would this debris landing at the bottom of my pool effect the opperation of this pool cleaner? Finally, what are the actual costs of running this cleaner?

Wow! I used their (Aquatron) calculator on my 22,000 gallon Florida salt chlorinator pool that runs 8 hrs/day in the summer and it says “Monthy Electricity Savings: $2868.89”. That’s nearly a $2500/mo money maker.

Color me skeptical… :wink:

We bought this about 3 years ago - also on Woot - for about the same price. We have had several pool cleaners over the year for in ground salt water pool. This is by far the best. It cleans on its own and will also clorinate. I had some major repairs done on it earlier this year - costing about the price of this one - but it was more than likely due to something we did rather than a problem originating with the cleaner. I recommend this cleaner.

The basic guts are of an Aquabot, I looked at the parts list and the Aquatron website. This product is distributed by an excellent service firm in NJ that only works on Aquabot (Aquatron) products. That said, Aquabots clean really well when they work BUT they are designed to require replacement parts every year that cost serious dollars even if you replace them yourself. Do not attempt to do that unless you are mechanically inclined. I have had one for about 12 years and I know it inside out. Figure on replacing the drive belts, the tracks and the roller brushes every year if you have a cement pond, vinyl most likely less. Over the years I have completely rebuilt mine. I have also had to replace the power supply 1x, and the drive motor 2x. All parts are expensive and the motors and power supplies cost hundreds of dollars…

Jeanfrank: See my comments about the build quality. You most likely did nothing wrong.

If I were on the fence about purchasing this product, I would not be on the fence after reading your post. Thanks for posting!

Can it work to clean a hot tub?

Mirrors my experience exactly so I’m not even tempted. These do in fact do a really good job while they are working, but service and repair is ridiculously expensive. I ditched mine after counting up the number of times I ran it before it stopped behaving. I doubt I had more than 12 cleanings out of it by that point, so figure you may well have an average per use outlay of over $75. These look tough and are fun to see in operation, but they are not built to be serviced, never mind the very high cost of replacement parts.

Not to dispute YOUR experience. But my experience is someone GAVE me an aquabot that they had used for years. I did nothing but tie a little plastic around the rubber tracts to keep them wrapped around the rollers. I used it for 4 years doing nothing… just the other day it quit working.

I’m considering this one. But end of season concerns me… I mean I won’t have chance to really try it out before 9 months of sitting in the garage goes by.