Cobia XL Pool Cleaner

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Cobia XL Pool Cleaner
$749.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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In for…0!

Yeah woot this is exactly what I need! Even if I had a pool I wouldnt spend no 800 bucks to clean it

Think this is worth buying for my $79 inflatable pool from Costco?

I wonder if this would work on my cellulite…?

Taking a much deserved break from woot posting tonight. Might stop by in a few hours to mop up some easy posts people miss, but I’ll let you guys tackle them first.

reviews, manuals, price comparisons.

I’ll get you guys started with a youtube demo from BPSuperstore, after that you’re on your own.


Might be fun to have it battle a Dyson vacuum.

You might after having to spend two hours twice a week to clean it yourself.

Dang, you beat me by just a few seconds! Just like some of the Olympics competitions!

Someone please tell me what has happened to woot! How did we get here? Will I ever be able to buy a targus cooling pad, sanza mp3 player, vision quest digital phot frame, skill tool set or halftime drill set ever again?

On my computer it looks like you completely missed the starting gun anyways. I can’t get your video to play. Okay I’m off for reals now, see ya guys later, have a good night.

If I buy this today, what are the chances that tomorrow’s Woot will be a swimming pool?

It will probably be a roomba :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, $1,835.99 plus $24.49 shipping over at the Mothership. According to the manufacturer’s website, it comes in two sizes; this is the larger one for pools between 20,000-40,000 gallons, so it’s too big for my little 5 gallon puppy-pool. It sounds like a nifty way to gently chlorinate a larger pool and as someone with a bunch of sensitivities, I can imagine that being useful to the right family with the right pool and the right amount of discretionary income.

Yeah I guess but for 800 bucks I might go steal my neighbors

I’m not a pool owner - but I suppose it’s obvious that a plebian like myself would therefore say “for $750 this thing had better wash my car, too.”

(It’s linked on the Features page.)

I bulldozed in my pool years ago in favor of a small greenhouse (we kept the sauna and the whirlpool) . . . but a buddy of mine a few doors down has this exact same machine and absolutely adored it, right up until a neighbor kid that was ill took a dip in his pool (no one knew until it was too late) and this system was woefully inadequate to protect against crypto. The whole block got sick.


Manufacturer website for this little monster:

That will cost you much more than $800 in attorneys’ fees, court costs, and lost income while you’re in jail for grand larceny.