Cobra 6 Mile FRS/GMRS Radio with NOAA Weather – 2 pack



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Cobra 6 Mile FRS/GMRS Radio with NOAA Weather – 2 pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Cobra 6 Mile Rechargeable GMRS/FRS Radio with NOAA Weather PR560


Cobra. A good name at least.


does anyone know how long the batteries last?


everyone remember, 6 THEORETICAL miles


got in on the xact ones a while back - those are NICE - maybe these are just as good? price was nearly the same.


there good i alredy have them


I love that they reference the 7th floor crew… Classy.


Good deal or not?


These are great for catching your tramp of an ex-girlfriend cheating on you. Trust me.


Are there 4 units total? The listing isn’t clear, it just says “2 units”… but the picture shows the charger with 2 on it… so that would mean 2 of what is pictured, which would mean 4 units and 2 chargers total.



good woot, but I got motorolla for same price after a rebate…
These are rechargable and at least you dont have to go broke feeding it Batteries


These seem like better radios than I got before, they have NOAA weather and you can scan inside the channels for conversations.

I just wish they made a radio that scanned the entire range (all channels and sub channels) in one swift movement that took less than 5 seconds or so. I love just having it on in my house and listening to people and companies.

I guess I should just get a scanner…

nice woot! good night!


would make a great christmas present for kids… it’s never too early


6 miles = line of sight…perfect weather…no trees/buildings…

Amazon $43.69 Refurb set


Couldn’t find that model, here are comparable Cobra prices and models…

Froogle search

SecretPrices search


“Theres gonna be a floody, floody” Great Ned Flanders reference!


6-8 Hours. they are very good radios. IMO


Looks like it’s one for tuesday for me.

It’s just two radios that’d generally come together in the pack anyway.

Woot cheats.


id recommend motorola, i have a cobra gps and it isnt good