Cobra GPS 1000 DLX Handheld GPS Bundle



A WOOT! a day keeps the doctor away…

Froogle Link Minimum Price $134.88

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $120.00

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $183.99

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 2.5/5 Stars

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BizRate Prices… from $216

Shopzilla Prices… from $183… best in class!

MSN Shopping Prices… from $187

Sprenzy Prices… from $167… WAY best in class!

8 out of 10 by 3 CNET users

… use those links wisely… sprenzy has the best price… but Shopzilla has the most store listed selling this product by far… so do with that what you will… on a side note… Shopzilla also has listings for the CUTEST baby costumes i’ve ever seen… so check that out if you have babies… or if you’re a newlywed who desperately wants one… hehe.


Ssssss… Does it bite?


does this double as a cell phone?


Weren’t there a million of these things during the woot-off?

Anyway, it IS a good deal, if you happen to need one.


I have GPS… its called a map… you can buy them at any convien store for a buck, they never run out of batteries, and you don’t need to pay a monthly fee…



I am a die hard Garmin fan. I have the Stree Pilot C340 and love it. I will have to pass tonight Woot!


I think I may get in on this one! Geocaching is fun!


My only question is will this work for Orienteering/Geocaching?


It looks like these are almost $200 on froogle - all around that price.

Anyone own one of this model??


I’m off to bed !! Nice woot though…I have a iQue 3600 already.


My husband is a truck driver - is this a good deal? I’d like to get him something so that he doesn’t have to keep printing out his routes…help here? Is this crap?


Any one know about what type of battery it takes???


I’m in the market for a GPS…I’m gonna sleep on this one and check it in the morning…I’d like to do some geocaching…oh and also GPS doesn’t have monthly fees associated with it…it’s gov’t run. The GPS unit does all the analysis (triangulations) therefore the satellites aren’t bogged down thus able to remove monthly fees unlike satellite radio (which I’m also looking into getting).


dont really need a GPS… i have a map. thanks tho woot!


Or will it just work??
Thanks a lot


Good WOOT!

Amazon price: 219 NEW; 150 USED


Heck, I’ll take one for under a hundred bucks. My better half gets lost whenever she goes on long drives… not something that happens often enough to justify one of the expensive ones, but we’ll get more than $100 use out of this.


you don’t pay a monthly fee for any GPS dingbat