Cobra GPS & More

How is the iRAD 200, at $49 plus $5 shipping, a deal at all? On the mothership site, it’s $55 with free shipping, for a new one with full warranty?

Woot! We miss the days you were a deal site. This is clearly the opposite of a deal. What’s the word for that? “Rip-off”?

I’ll go one better…how about the newer iRAD 500 with a mount for even less ($27) and Prime Shipping.

Now anyone can have a car that looks like a modern Mercedes or BMW inside.

not a bad deal for trucking gps’s

I love that the inverters state this “This unit is ideal for laptops, 13” TVs, video games, CD players, DVD players, cellular phone chargers and much more!"

Like really… A CD Player? 13" TV? I am sorry but at 400 Watts I can run many Flat Screen TV’s. Lets update that description to sometime in this decade.

We just had one of these as a loaner while the wife’s car was in the shop. At 6’4"ish, this car is not made for tall people. The dash is the least of this car’s worries.

Woot… why do you continue to use a picture of a vehicle that clearly already has GPS built in?

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