Cobra microTALK GMRS/FRS 16 Mile 2-Way Radios – 2 Pack

I bought these two woot offs ago, they work quite well I must say.

New goal: 10 QPies by the end of the week. Let’s see how I do!


only if i had a friend to talk to… tear

Whew. T-shirts are finally gone.

Would these be good for a 4 and 6 year old to play?

If i get two sets - will they all work together? 4 dudes in one conversation??

You should be able to talk from the airplane with people on the ground at this range. But they barely work 1/2 mile

They’re essentially $2 more at Sears…

I didn’t even know people still used these. Does w00t ship to Canada now?

I’m in.

Is this two radios, or two pairs of radios?

Something tells me the fact that I’m still waiting for my wootoff shirt.woot order to process means I’m not getting it. Argh!

Seriously? Who really needs this kinda of stuff?

Do these things REALLY go 16 miles?? Or is that only when you have line of sight and the right atmospheric conditions?

Just a reminder, since these are GMRS the FCC likes you to have a license.

Not that you’re likely to get caught, but the penalties seem a little fierce for portable radios.

New on Amazon for $29.99… If these were new and not refurbished, I’d jump on this. But, for refurb, I don’t think so.

got these awhile back,and they work !!! realy great,worth the money for sure.

From one bedroom to another…