Cobra XRS9500 11 Band Radar and Laser Detector



Yes, this can be used for breaking the law. We all know that.

But is it any good at helping us break the law?


and to think i drove 117 mph today without one!


Darn. I wish I had a fast car. thanks but no thanks woot


weak get a v1


another one?
and a nice brand one too
how does this compare with the last woot radar detector?
mine broke the first day :frowning:


Good price, anyone know anything about Cobra’s?


its illegal in my state woot


cobra, the kmart version of radar and laser detectors. Sorry woot. Like a savy woot user, I already have an escort. Thanks anyway.


Do people still use these things???


I heard this was a good one, any opinions?


Hmmm… Any exceptions for illegal sale to certain states that have these little guys banned?


it looks good, but i just sold my car. happy july 4th


saw this on best buy yesterday. was going for $99.


this is alot better than the last radar detector on WOOT. this one is actually from a reputable company. i’d use this over the other one any day.



heres the froogle link

Amazon Review link


bah… very illegal in my state… dont speed enough to make it worth it.

besides, who wants to speed and keep a watchful eye on the detector? no fun, no fun at all


not bad 4 the $$$ but allready own a ESCORT PASSPORT 8500 x50 and is the s***t, this one is not even close but the is a $ 290 diference so


I’ve always understood cobra to be one of the best fuzz busters it can detect a donut from a mile away