Coby 9" Capacitive Touchscreen Tablet

Not Really happy with this tablet.
The 8 gb storage is partitioned into 2gb and 4gb with the remainder set aside for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich os.
A note in the box announced the tablet was designed to support android 4.0 ICS OS and the tablet is** not compatible with the android market or google play stores.**

I should have realised this when the description stated " Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system is the **latest version **of the Android platform for tablets and more." It was the “latest” in 2011.

Just got the tablet and charging it.
The box was plain, the inner box was plain, and in addition to the cords and tablet, the only thing in the box was a slip of paper that said:
“To download the manual for your tablet, please visit the following website

Went there…they want $12.99 for me to download the manual. I expect at least a bare minimum of start info, maybe a list of what was supposed to be in the box, etc…

This tablet does not have access to the Google play store, and the installed store has basically nothing.

Also, it has a “youtube” player app installed, but cannot play ANY youtubes from this app or from…Flash is missing but is supposed to be present. Having difficulty getting one installed.