Coby Tablets

I’ve got a three-year-old who loves to play simple, toddler-focused games on my tablet. Would these be appropriate for that function?

All are Android 4.0…What’s the opportunity to upgrade these?

I would pass on these simply because they’re old and most likely not upgradable. You may be able to get most games you want for your daughter to work, but the quality of the tablet may mean that it will only last a week. Also, Android 4.0 is being quickly left behind.

I would go after more recent cheap tablets. I have an ASUS memo pad HD 7 that is running Android 4.3. It cost me $130, but it works great for everything but higher end 3D games. My 3, 5, and 6 year old all play it and it hasn’t had a problem. I just made sure I got a decent case for it.

Be very careful with Coby Electronics. That company no longer exist, and their products are no longer supported or have warranties.

“Coby closed its doors in June 2013 due to financial trouble. Gordon Brothers Group acquired some assets formerly owned by Coby Electronics. Gordon Brothers Group did not purchase liabilities such as customer warranties.” -Wikipedia

I owned one of the Coby Kyros 7 inch tablets when the company that made them was still in business(which they no longer are).It came with Android 4.0 and Getjar app store which also is no longer supported…you cannot access the google play app store on these…I would avoid these at all cost.

I second the vote for the Memo Pad. Bought one for my younger daughter (7 at the time, now 8), and she’s never had a single problem with it.

These can be rooted which opens up the Amazon Appstore and a lot more. My son has one that is 4 years old that he still uses because so many apps are available. Coby is dead, so I don’t know if you can upgrade from Android 4.0. is a good site to show you how to root these devices.

Agreed, with some rooting and some effort you can likely locate a more current Android image that will work with it, possibly even opening up Google Play with the right combination of tools.

BUT… the 10" version will cost you around $75 delivered. When the 10" Asus MemoPad refurbs are around for as little as $130, or used for under a hundred… unless you love a new project and want to learn the ins and outs of device hacking… best to probably consider another option. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE poking at these things to see how far I can push the technology. But for $75… the value just isn’t there.

They can, but the average person on this site will not even know how to properly root the tablet, let alone bricking it when it is their first attempt.