Coby Tablets

Coby closed it’s doors in 2013?!

Read about lot’s of wi fi connectivity issues with Coby MID9042-8 Kyros 9-Inch.

Anybody know if whoever refurbished these things fixed the issues?

Looks like it doesn’t have access to Google Play store either. You’re stuck with the GetJar marketplace. Wish that was more explicitly spelled out…otherwise, great deal on a basic tablet.

Have never had anything but headaches with Coby tablets. Coby products as a whole are usually the only step below the store brands.

I just got mine and it wont even start up!

Many electronics shipped with a completely drained battery for safety. Please charge for a full 24 hrs before giving up on it.

Mine is really beat up. Not sure what refurbishing was done. Total piece of crap!

I second lorenbk! Just got mine and it came extremely beat up and damaged! Extremely dented, scratched, and chipped.