Coca-Cola® Coolers & Fridges

these prices are great if you like this sort of thing. great job woot

Koolatron = Krapatron

Their products are not exactly known to last. You want artwork? Buy it. You want functional cooling for several years? Don’t buy it.

I agree, if you want your drinks to be cooler than room temperature rather than ice cold, then this is fine. I have a thermoelectric cooler and I still have to use ice if I want a cold soda.

Liked the “Wrinkle in Time” reference.

I bought the vending fridge years ago for my brother. It made for a neat conversation piece but barely cooled the sodas inside. Better hope Woot sells an ice maker soon!

Thermoelectric is a joke. It does not make anything cold. Notice how all the descriptions say they will keep drinks cool. That is exactly it. They “chill” down to just slightly cooler than room temp. I have had numerous thermoelectric coolers. Black and decker came out with one in a mini fridge that was supposed to be very efficient and cold. People complained of spoiled foods etc. It got pulled off the market. Save your money and buy something else. This is just novelty.

Thermoelectric is not ideal. That’s the only reason I am not ordering one. I have another TE Cooler, and it only works worth a flip if it’s full of aluminum cans, and it sits in a cold area to begin with.

To me, it’s not worth it. Great if you like the novelty, but not if you want the functionality.

Agreed on the above. My wife recieved the can shaped one as a gift last year. It cooled for a bit, but then crapped out. After some research we found that it was recommended the unit be turned off every 2-3 days…WTF? Also there is a switch that can flip to heat (which still works fine). So She can have warm cokes…but it does look cool.

I have the little 6 can Fridge on my desk in my office. And it works fine for my little bottles of water. I do unplug it at the end of the week however.

These make grrrrrrrrreat gifts! We’re trying to decide on which o ex to buy before they sell out.

These are cool in both ways! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If I stored Pepsi in there would it tear a hole in the space/time continuum?