Coca Cola Cooling

I can’t be the only one confused by the dehydrator and yogurt maker. I’m not knocking the products, but how do they fit the theme?

KWC-25 looks nice but has questionable reviews on Amazon

I’m leery of any cooler that mentions “thermoelectric technology”, it’s good to see a compressor-based fridge in the lineup.

Since it’s trending this week :slight_smile:

#3 and #4 are my favorite

They break…and quickly. The maker of the Coca-Cola products seems to care more about the outside of the products than the inside. I bought this one and it never really chilled my soda and it didn’t even last a year.

what is the seize of this

(1) Koolatron BC46SS Kool Compressor Refrigerator

Whoa! Whoa!! WHOA!!!

I didn’t want to KNOW this. No, I’m not addicted to the stuff - I can quit anytime I want to - glug.glug.glug Ahhhhh.

Except that all of those “facts” are false so you can continue being “not addicted”.

Anywhere does it tell the size of this unit? capacity doesn’t help much.

Which unit were you inquiring about?

Received my CCR-12. Works great to put a little chill on liquid refreshments, fan is a bit louder than I would like.