Coca-Cola® Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

**Item: **Coca-Cola? Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge
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10/11/2013 - $39.99 (Woot Plus)

from the description:
Cools up to 32° below ambient temperature

so if it’s 100 degrees out that means your ‘Coca-Cola®’ will be a refreshing 68 degrees (or warmer)… no thanks!

If it is 100deg outside, you probably don’t need to be drinking coke. This is more suitable for a cubicle/office.

Sold out in the Side sale, shows up again in the woot off at the same price. Is home.woot stealing from Woot.woot?

I wish they built one for plastic bottles,to me it does not taste the same,as in the bottles.

this seems to be a common issue, as well as:

this problem

Really… I must be getting OLD.
I can remember back when the complaint was about cans and GLASS bottles. I guess the BPAadds a certain *je ne sais quoi *to the taste…

ambient means surrounding temperature. if it’s 100 where you’re working ask about fixing the air conditioning.

Yep, these do not keep beverages cold unless, by chance, you happen to live in Alaska.

I do have air conditioning. And these things still do not keep beverages cold . . . cool maybe but that’s even a stretch.

I am old,and when I was a kid,all soda came in bottles and medel cans.For me anyway,coke taste better in the plastic bottles.I just started drinking soda again after 30 years,just water now,and one coke a day.

I guess the question is “better in plastic bottles than in cans”, or "better in plastic bottles than in* glass bottles***".

Yes ambient means surrounding-- I am aware of that. I also know that there are LOTS of people that don’t work in A/C all day so their “ambient temperature” is the one you will see on!

that’s odd… just hit the refresh button on this item and the quantity left indicator changed from 19% to 21%. Did someone find a few more in the warehouse??

wow, one of the the first woots in awhile I would have jumped on immediately. i wanted to just store my lunch in my office in this tiny thing. too bad its sold out.

Here’s a slightly larger version you might try instead