Coca Cola® Stuffs

Vanilla Coke
Coke with Lime
Raspberry Coke
Cherry Coke
Orange Coke
Cherry Vanilla Coke
Diet Coke®
Diet Vanilla Coke
Diet Coke with Lime
Raspberry Diet Coke
Diet Cherry Coke
Orange Diet Coke
Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke
Coca-Cola Zero™
Cherry Coke Zero
Vanilla Coke Zero
Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero
Coke Zero with Orange
Coke Zero with Lime
Coke Zero with Raspberry
Coke Zero with Lemon
Caffeine-Free Diet Coke®
Caffeine-Free Diet Vanilla Coke
Caffeine-Free Diet Coke with Lime
Caffeine-Free Diet Coke with Orange
Caffeine-Free Diet Raspberry Coke
Caffeine-Free Diet Cherry Coke
Caffeine-Free Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke…

Coke is not the hot item it used to be. Although I am drinking Jack and Coke right now in a beer mug.

I have no idea what this product is.

I’ve been saving Coke reward points for 6 years and they have NOTHING like this in their catalog.

That’s what I was thinking… I have about 2300 pts. I save them up all year and blow them from December 1-12 on the gift cards they put out. Too bad we can’t get anything here with coke points!

Does anyone know if the 16 oz Coke Cola Cans w/Straw close securely to use for smoothies in kids’ lunches?

Surely, sounds like sacrilege, but I am yet to find a container for smoothies that’s 8- and 10-year-old proof while serving the above purpose, and these look promising, especially considering the boys hate carbonated beverages!

Unfortunately the one retro item I would buy, a Coca-Cola rugby shirt, is not there.

here’s a video that gives you a general idea


these look like they would be great for roadies haha

Aw, they don’t have those cans that the bottom screws off so you can hide your stash.

Can cooler/heater be used as a sous vide machine?

thanks so much for telling me about the 12 days of christmas promotion. i’ll get a southwest card that will help me out next trip.

I seriously doubt it. Peltier thermoelectric devices cool or heat to a limited differential temperature based on the ambient temperature. This cooler/heater can cool/heat to a max of 36° difference. Since sous-vide cooking is typically at temperatures of about 130° to 140° (Wiki article here), your ambient temperature would need to be around 90° or more to get the heat you need.

See this page for technical info about thermoelectric cooling/heating.

Last time something like this was offered they all said that the refrigerators hardly keep the cans “cool”

I looked at this list and I was like a kid in a candy store…I want one of everything :smiley:

The 28 can coke fridge works great, keeps everything at a chilly 5C. You can fit water bottles on the top shelf but only cans on the bottom. There is an option for silent mode but I find the fridge doesn’t work as well with it on. The fan sounds like a CPU fan on a desktop. It also looks cool with the built in LED lights.

Just a heads up that the canvas art is great for kitchen decor. My old roommate had it, and looked amazing especially if it is on canvas.

Just my two cents.

Is that a car adapter plug I see on the 9 can fridge?

Seems… odd… Please tell it uses a standard wall adapter and that I’m seeing things…

Found a not very helpful user’s manual. Under the Product section on the second page, it says:

The unit is powered by a 12V DC system such as a vehicle, or can be powered from a 110V AC system.

So I think you’re ok.

Since you are part of the staff and seem to be concerned with customer satisfaction, could you look into why I have not been responded to by a customer service representative regarding a return. I have emailed the generic support email three times and have not received a response (except my last attempt to which I received an email and a case # with the assurance to receive a response soon, yet, still nothing). It is really frustrating to have to deal with all of this, and I am sure you wouldn’t want to deal with it either. I just figured maybe some negative publicity to the woot community will get me a quicker response than what I have been trying so far.