Coco Limon Swimwear & Sundresses

Once again, the sizing is so bizarre. A 1" difference between small, medium, large, and XL, and then a 6" jump between XL and 1X? Is this normal and I just never noticed before, or what?

It’s a 4" jump between XL and 1XL.

eeeee. I just told 600 of my closest friends about this (not kidding). But not until I made sure the yellow/polka dot bandeau was mineminemine.

I am thrilled to see REAL plus sizes in this deal! Thank you, Woot!

Can these be returned if they don’t fit?

Our return policy is linked in my signature. TL;DR version: We do not take returns for fit, size, etc.

Do the bathing suits have shelves (or elastic bands below) with the padded cups, or are they just padded cups?

Now if we could only see it on a real plus size model!

It’s just refreshing to see models who aren’t stick figures. Baby steps. One day we may actually see real women “relative to clothing sizes” modeling to show what these would actually look like when being worn by their intended customers.
Edit: Let me try to rephrase that better. Models appropriate to the sizes they’re selling. Because naturally, beauty, like ugly, comes in all shapes and sizes.

Seconding this question…

All of the styles have padded cups with elastic bands except for the 1 piece ruched polka dot.