Cocoa Is The New Gold

If chocolate prices do spike, I suggest we first eliminate the ‘chocolate cheese’. Seriously, who thought that chocolate infused goat cheese was a good idea?

I agree, has anybody tried it? What about $50 for 1/2 lb chocolate?

I have had chocolate cheese before and it was pretty awesome. Like super creamy chocolate with a hint of tart. Cant say what that stuff tastes like but what I sampled in the past surprised me.

I have had chocolate cheese before and it blew my mind.
Not sure about all the varieties here, but the one I had was a cheddar/fudge combo with walnuts, and although it sounds crazy it was delicious.

Did anyone else order the Rich & Dark Chocolate Trio and instead get sent the Orange version?

I’m sorry for the problem. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I’ve got to tell you I’m very disappointed in the level of support I’ve received. Orders missing, support teams unable to track down multiple shipment tracking numbers, a complete lack of attention to details when responding to emails, and then when specifically asking for an escalation and a phone call being told “we don’t offer phone support”.

Now I’ve finally gotten all the pieces of my order but there are elements of the order just flat out wrong. Horrible customer service thus far. May never woot again.

I forgot, being passed from Zoey to Annesha to Nicole back to Annesha to Kelly to Rich… Talk about musical chairs of support representatives. That’s ridiculous!

Ugh. Let me talk to CS on your behalf.