I’m a little odd, and my entry this week reminded me of somthing else I had been doing.
So, post a message here in code, and see if we can figure it out.

0001101, 0011101, 0111101, 1001111

Now, considering that I am crazy you will need some help.
I was trying to come up wit a way to display letters on a LCD screen, like that of a calculator, or watch. Useing the 7 segmets of each digit you can easly make all but a few of the letters. Think clockwise.


You are a engineer or math teacher? or student? I still don’t think you are 20.
btw, I think you spelled everything here right. Well except for the e in see. You might have even written it right, but I just judge writting on weather or not I understand it.
I got the part about the 7 lines used to make the #'s on a clock.
Computer programer?
Math teacher?
Not english teacher.
will you tell if I guess right?

A little odd?!?!?!? lmao!


Good, now look at the number of digits in each sequence.

Edit: oh, and no.


No, it is math. I try to stay away from it as much as possible.


No math, just logic.


I’ll bet qwerty will refuse to do this…


Poof, notice how fen make sense when he writes about this stuff.
Bet he uses it for work, or school. Forgets he can’t write.


that spells: codE


Thank you!
See? It was easy with all the hints.


FUN! Let us have some more…


Wow, you got curzer off of pwa!

Is this going to be some sort of computer geek thread? Should I just leave now?
Can I come and annoy you once in awhile?


wherever there is a logical puzzle, I’m there.



Unless you are Fen.
Heck at this point everyone has been Fen. He is a good actor.



I would be terrible with dual idents…I wouldn’t be able to hide my true identity at all.


Hummmm, you did come off pwa…

Did you get your grades? How did you do? When do you go back to school? Did you totally finish the screen porch? Did you ever get lunch at Starbucks? Use it at the one in the airport if you hate coffee.




57 57 39 31 49 47 46 79 5a 53 42 30 61 47 55 67 64 32 6c 75 62 6d 56 79 49 51 3d 3d

Hint: it was encoded twice.


Does it have anything to do with this?


Yup…if you have a lot of patience.

(I thought I broke the game, heh.) I guess cruz isn’t around. He’d decode it pretty quickly, I think.

eta-c’mon Fen, you can do it… You started this, lol!


What about my code?