for those who don’t get it:

Not seeing the “T” in the Windows logo.

neat. I want one

It’s the negative space separating the windows themselves.

I don’t envision Windows coexisting with anybody else on the shirt.


its inbetween the white…

kinda a lame attempt at an old bumper sticker idea. would rather have had the bumper sticker on a shirt…and im sure i can find it quite easily

Props for naming the color “blue screen of death”. I would have gone with “time to reboot blue”.

All I got is Apple, Windows… Chrome I think, and is that second one Opera? I lose.

Please, Woot. Please make this into a limited edition bumper sticker.

In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Democracy - which I’m sure wasn’t the first (or even close to it) shirt to use logos to represent letters, but I happen to like that one.

I don’t know, I prefer this one more:

You can’t just wear this shirt-- you have to dual-boot into it.

But my dear Amiga fans, it is time to convert to a new OS. Sorry.

I’m sorry, we just can’t.

wow, is there a random coming?

That’s the Debian swirl. And is that Sun, woops, Oracle Solaris?

The O and X elude me though.

ok yea that is way better looking than this shirt design!!!