Coffee Assortments

@ $30 plus per pound I will just go there and get for a lot less and have a good time for my money :slight_smile:

flights 1 way start @ $129 from seattle …

I’ve got to agree with the price concern! I know that Jamaica Blue Mountain is going to be significantly more expensive, but for $50/lb, one needs more justification why this is so much better than the Jamaica Blue Mountain one can get at a local roaster. (I know that folks who don’t live in an urban area won’t have that kind of access to specialty coffee…) I suppose it might be a more prestigious estate, but there should be some explanation here.

Not to mention, there no mention of “organic”.

At these exorbitant prices, at the very least it should be organic.

this is the company that likes to substitute stuff when they run out of what you ordered.

Pretty high priced coffee!! Must be where StarBucks buys theirs.

So why is it that coffee from Hawai’i can’t be shipped TO Hawai’i?

I like my coffee like I like my men…strong, sweet, and able to keep me up all night!

A definitive rim job at hand with these igourmet offerings… typical Amazonia overpriced crap-seller… you should be ashamed of yourselves, woot!.. er… well, YOU know what I mean… .

rats, you beat me to it! I thought it was rather ironic that Hawaiian coffee couldn’t be sold there. Probably because of the dry ice packaging but it’s only a a guess.

While I don’t doubt that you’ll have a good time for your money, there is no cheap Kona coffee in Hawaii.

If this blue mountain coffee is the real undiluted stuff, this price is a bargain. I paid more than this for a pound of blue mountain coffee years ago when I traveled to Jamaica regularly on business. Unfortunately, lots of stuff sold in the US is not the real stuff or a very diluted version.

Really? Maybe people are lying regularly, but I thought I’d regularly seen ostensibly 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain for between $30 and $40. Perhaps I am mistaken.

Yeah, usually they throw that word “blend” into the title somewhere.
Just like most the time you see coffee labeled as Kona in the grocery store, it’s a diluted blend.

Supposedly the Jamaica Blue Mountain is roasted to order when ordered normally. However, I don’t see any option to designate that when ordering. Does anyone know what the grade of roast is on this?

Yeah, that might work in Texas. In Seattle, it would be more like, “Guys, I like my coffee like I like my men…”

Probably because it’s agricultural. Like it might have a Hawaii bug in it that you’re sending back to where it came from.
Personally I like a little bug in my coffee. Adds extra flavor to the grind.

Look at the list price. Hawaiian coffees aren’t cheap but I can get these in Costco for these prices or less. It’s Drop Shipper Pricing. Open a Fed-Ex account if you don’t have one and you’ll see who ships to you, half the time it’s not W–t.

I meant to add, the shipper half the time is another name which tells me it’s a Drop Shipper. They don’t pack the same as the W000t warehouse does.