Coffee Break

Was there an earthquake? Is this an early morning coffee yoga routine? Who will lose the most volume following this event? This, and more, at seven.

I call this move “the tablecloth stain”!

Clean-up on aisle five!

I have a moral issue against this shirt because THEY’RE SPILLING ALL THE COFFEE!!!

You just got served… coffee.

How can this be called Coffee Break if none of the mugs are broken?

Start your morning with the power of dance!

A pun within the pun would be too unstable.

I almost fell asleep before this shirt came up… someone keeps spilling all of my coffee.

that’s a mighty fine grind.

Will this shirt be baby brown after a little while from all of the stains?

If only one of them were doing “The Sprinkler”. Mmmm… Coffee sprinkler…

Loook at that one guy! I think I’ve spotted the Kool-Aid Man in the upper right-hand corner doing a bit of moonlighting for coffee!

i love this shirt but unfortunately i dont drink coffee and couldnt wear it

I suggest switching to decaf.

Break dancing the night away…I find it strangely charming but that might be the lure of the imagined caffeine.

actually the bottom right mug is a bit broken. there is a decent crack.

The bottom right one looks like it is quite chipped actually.

Adorable - great style and I love the way the white mugs look on the baby blue!

More hard evidence to have coffee recategorised as an illegal drug.