Coffee: Drink Of The Gods

This sale, I like it. Another!

FYI,Cups is a vague measurement with french presses. I have a 32oz press and I get 24oz of coffee from it.

If there’s a rule, nobody commits to it… Electric drip machines seem to define a ‘cup’ as anything from 5-6oz. Standard ‘cups’ are 8oz. These French presses seem to be based on a 4oz ‘cup’.

Usually packaging is kind enough to include an actual total volume of the carafe, but I don’t see any kindness here. T_T

Uhm, Woot!.. 5% ? Really? How did this non-magical sale qualify to be on Woot! ?

The Farmer’s Choice price is much higher than what you’d pay for, at many stores in Hawaii…just saying.