Coffee & Espresso Machines

I have the Jura Impressa J9.
Yes, I am crazy enough to have purchased it un-refurbished and at retail.
I had only wanted to review it, so I contacted Jura about a loaner. Not a freebie, a loaner, just so I could review it.
Let’s just say it didn’t happen, so I bought one, despite having about 50-75 other coffee making devices.
Yup, crazy.
If you love coffee, it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. To be honest, mine is a bit overkill, and if someone were able to pry it from me I’d probably be getting the Jura 13674.99 Impressa S9 or 13548 Impressa J6.
These machines are truly one touch. They empty the coffee pucks, rinse between drinks, and do everything but kiss you good morning.

Look, the fact is I’m going to look askance at you if you buy one of these.

When I do, though, just run through the math with me. Say you get one cup of froofy coffee a day. You’re paying about $4 for that? And you do that every day on the way to work… and you work 50 weeks in a year, five days a week so you get 250 cups’a’joe give or take… That’s $1000.

Now I’m not sure what coffee and water and energy costs add up to, but I’m willing to bet you pay off your purchase in less than two years even if you spring for the fancy model.

Before getting it I would have totally agreed, which is why I just wanted one on loan to review. Everyone thought I was nuts, including me.
But here is my math…I have a spouse, so double the number of drinks. I never leave my house (there could be zombies out there) so factor in the cost of a latte delivered 5 times a day. And what if the delivery person turns out to be a zombie?
In the morning, I myself have been mistaken for a zombie when in a pre-coffee state. Pushing one button is best, trust me.
When people are over, one wants this, one wants that, now I can say ‘push your own damn button!’
I collect coffee makers, from a beautiful FrancisFrancis espresso machine to a $2 Vietnamese phin, and love them all, but use the Jura most.
I paid over twice the cost of the most expensive machine here, and have no regrets.
And I’m REALLY glad Jura didn’t loan me the Giga machine which is 5 grand, because I probably would have sold my firstborn (if I had one) to buy it.
The Giga has TWO bean hoppers, TWO!

It’s madness I tell ya, madness!

Does anyone know what the “B” means in the item number? It isn’t listed on the Jura website.

Manufacturers often add a suffix to their model numbers to indicates a factory reconditioned item.

I spoke with a few folks with factory refurbished units back when I was researching these.
They were all very pleased, little or no cosmetic damage, and work beautifully. And the prices here are better than other vendors with refurbs.

I’m with JavaGod… I just bought a new C5 ($1000), as I didn’t need the bells and whistles of the other machines, I just needed a work horse. I bought this to replace my C8 which we had for 7 years that went thru hard labor 8+ cups a day. I had it refurbished once which gave it another 2 years; the water pump went out this time. It costs $250 and takes about 10 days to refurbish it which is probably what I will do with the old C8 to have it on back up for when I need to send the C5 in for service. Yes we are serious about our coffee in this house and can’t stand a day without our JURA! Two days after the new C5 arrived I took it on a week long family reunion (6 coffee drinkers) in a week we made over 200 cups, used 4 lbs of coffee and never had it fail once! The machine is amazing and if we are going on vacation in the car it comes with us or I make a batch of cold brew to take along to make Americano’s or iced coffee. If you do the math for 200 lattes at $4 a pop the machine has almost already paid for itself! What can I say? We are hooked on JURA and you would have to pry it from our cold dead coffee drinking hands!

I bought the Cuisinart DCC-2600FR from the last woot sale and it had been used everyday since it arrived. No issues thus far although it was missing the gold filter as others have also stated.

Buy without hesitation!

Well, unless you’re one of those

In which case, go ahead and hesitate.

I just want to say that if you’re considering buying the Grind ‘n’ Brew, DON’T DO IT. We bought one and the grinder died, thankfully, just shy of the one year. Cuisinart thankfully completely replaced it (once we paid to ship them the broken one), but then the replacement also died, in the exact same fashion around the exact same time.

We tried using pre-ground coffee using that setting on the machine, and that worked for a few days before the machine died completely. We returned that one and asked for our money back. There’s obviously some major design issues going on with those machines.

As a coffee professional who roasts coffee in the Pacific Northwest, where if you don’t live here, you just don’t understand, unless you drink Intelligentsia, and that just means you might have an idea, but not necessarily, and if you think SBUX is good coffee then you are a victim of great marketing and nasty coffee and may as well buy one of these monstrosities, I can tell you without reservation, as a hard-won nugget of knowledge coming from both experience and education in coffee science, brewing technique, industrial design and coffee QA/QC, that you will get a better shot of espresso from a $400 Nemox De l’Opera than with a $4000 super-auto. Used them both. The ONLY advantage is convenience. Quality, reliability, flavor, expense–everything else–takes the back seat, and you get convenience. In Vas Est Veritas.

It’s fine, really. Unless you are someone like me, and then it would be pretty good, but not real espresso.