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Very mixed Amazon reviews on the Capresso burr grinder.

I had a Capresso Infinity burr grinder which I received as a wedding present last year. I realize that it’s not this identical grinder, but it’s supposed to be “better.” I returned it after only a few uses, as it was impossible to clean (needed to be done every use) and the plastic cup for the grinds is made of plastic. This led to massive amounts of static and the grinds would either get stuck to it or fly everywhere when I opened it. I wouldn’t recommend a Capresso grinder to my Woot friends.

Does anyone here own the cuisinart dual coffee maker/hot water maker? I was wondering (and it didn’t answer the question on Amazon) if you can leave the hot water side on all day or if you have to turn it on each time to heat it up.

This isn’t an answer to your question but the same item is $40.24 with free shipping at rakutan.

Biggest criticism is that it plugs up. Like, all the time. Several others said it dies after a few months. Another critic said the burr is actually made of plastic, which is hard to imagine. I mean, plastic? Really? For a grinder?

I have it. It turns off automatically after a while (I think 2 hours, but not 100% sure), so you have to turn it on each time, but it heats up very fast. The downside is the water comes out tasting like plastic after sitting in the tank. I kind of regret getting it because it just takes up extra space and I use an electric kettle when I want tea.

Capresso frother info is missing.

Is anyone having problems checking out with more than 1 item in Cart??.. I am trying to checkout and keep getting this screen that shows 2 red blocks( one stating got to be 21 to order wine, please specify your DOB, the other blank) and 1 yellow block {{ValidationWarning}}…

  1. I am not ordering Wine just Primula teas
  2. I have gone to
    the change DOB link and still get this…
  3. I have completely cleared my cart and then add each item again back to back no pause or delay and the immediately go to checkout and still get this error screen… So, Whats up??? Can I not purchase more than 1 item at a time in the Cart??

EDIT: And there is also a grayish box ‘Order Contents’ showing this msg ‘Sorry. The ravenous Woot mob devoured the stuff you wanted.
Check out faster next time. Seriously.’… but the items are NOT sold out. I removed them and put them again …

yelpers… am rather interested in this - as a backup. I have one and have to check what I paid for it at the local TJMaxx…

I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues. Are you on a computer or mobile device? Which browser and have you tried clearing cache? Have you tried another device?

Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll let the crew know.

UPDATE: Features and specs have been added.

Thanks for your quick reply Manhandsha.
I am on my home PC, Browser: Mozilla, Cache cleared. Still get the error. Android 4.1 phone, using Default Browser: get same error screen, cleared Cache… Finally able to complete my purchase… weird…

No problem, I’m glad you were able to get it to go through.

I’ve owned that model for several years and it’s been a very reliable performer, not as fast as others but it works well and it’s durable, and easy to clean. Regular price is usually around $60 or so.

Does the DeLonghi machine use K cups? I’m not understanding the description.

The Keurig Vue V700 is a Pile of Crap. Loved the features and it worked great for 2 weeks and then the Water PUMP Failed. Take a look at the BAD Reviews on Bed Bath and Beyond.

The Capresso ENA Micro is a good deal. I bought one last time around. Some observations, pro and con.

No, this is not an espresso maker for the true coffee geek. It makes a pretty decent restretto and a less excellent single shot. So far, the best results have been with making a red/black eye, i.e. shots of espresso in coffee. (Yes, the machine makes coffee too)

The big pro here is simplicity/convenience. I’ve tried a number of other super-automatic espresso machines and this is better than most and as good as the more expensive ones. It makes a truly excellent crema.

I’d suggest experimenting with different beans and roasts. Making sure that the beans are fresh seems to make a difference too. The storage compartment is “air-tight,” but the beans lose their “savor” after a few days.

The big con might be capacity. The water chamber doesn’t hold much and needs to be refilled pretty quickly.

Is this a true “espresso machine”? No … Is it a good choice for someone who enjoys a basic espresso, who doesn’t live on lattes, and who understands the trade-offs of a super-auto machine? Definitely.

A French Press is a great way to brew hot or cold coffee, but the price on this is pretty high. There are better Presses out there for half the price. I realize it’s an eight cup, but don’t really see a need for one so large unless you’re making coffee for a party.

Sounds like these use Nespresso capsules as opposed to K-cups.