Coffee Levels Critical

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

Grats on the print, Jack! WTG

No crashes tonight, Jack. Congrats!

Congrats Jack. Looks like it came out on time after all. :slight_smile:

Errr… and since terrenceistheman is the first sucker, I guess that means there aren’t any ordering problems either.

WARNING: Objects in monitor may be smaller than they appear.

awesome shirt jack… oh, and looky im the first sucker

not a coffee drinker. pass on this one.

Wow, I love it. /purchased.

I’m sorry … I’m disappointed … not sure how this beat out Earth’s Energy … Lame!!

Really creative design. Congrats Jack! I wouldn’t be able to resist one, but I can’t actually stand the odor of coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats, jack!

Cool shirt!

I like the difference with a small pocket sized image… any chance to get you guys to re-run some classic woot t’s like this?

I HAD to have this one… coffee is pretty much all I drink all day. ^^ Great shirt.

Very Nice Design/Idea/Shirt!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I wasn’t going to, but I guess it’s time for another cup. In for a shirt and a cuppa joe.

I love the shirt, the only thing i want to complain is the battery color charge
If it’s low batt shouldn’t it be red?

I love the Color reference =) And by the way, we’re all counting on you.

Not a coffee drinker, but definitely well appreciated.

Loved the shirt in the derby

In for one

Red doesn’t go quite as well with brown, or so Jack said.

Congrats, Jack! I’m glad to see that it came up on time and that Woot fixed the typo. Not sure if I’m going to buy it, since I’m actually trying to end my caffeine addiction, but we shall see…